A clear vision to build your future

Funding Cloud

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Connecting businesses with Funding Cloud

Funding Cloud connects businesses, lenders and partners to facilitate fast, accurate and secure access to funding at scale. The business lending platform is designed to break down funding barriers and empower your business with certainty. With zero red tape, Funding Cloud provides a clear path to financial freedom for businesses through precise lender matching and real-time funding decisions that help them build for the future. We equip businesses and lenders with the tools they need to make their next business moves with the funding they want.

Through Funding Cloud we provide:


Giving businesses, lenders and partners a better way to connect and take control of their future.


We empower business-critical decision-making instantly.


Clarity matters. Seeing the options you have in front of you allows you to build confidence for the future.

Instant opportunity

How Funding Cloud helps SME businesses

We break down funding barriers with a simple application process that empowers you. We accurately validate your business profile, matching you to the industry’s largest lender network. Funding results are uniquely tailored to each and every business. Funding Cloud provides you with the clarity you need to take your next steps forward with confidence.

How we help business image

For all businesses

A clear vision for your future

Simple, fast application process

Uniquely tailored results from across the lender market

Instant, preapproved offers. Our fastest time from application to credit approved is 21 seconds

Expert guidance and support

Data-led insight

How we deliver more to lenders

Funding Cloud provides lenders with qualified opportunities, instantly. We do the leg work, providing a consistent and quality customer flow, validating and matching applicants to each lender's own requirements. This enables lenders to help more businesses access finance faster.

For lenders

Improved efficiency and high quality, low-cost customer acquisition at scale.

Instant applicant validation

Tailored customer matching criteria for each lending product

Pre-filtered, unbiased and consistent applicant flow

Powers real-time lending decisions

Growth opportunities

How we support industry partners

Funding Cloud helps our partners and their clients trade, plan and grow with confidence. We give professional firms a way to unburden their employees and unlock revenue opportunities by providing their customers with access to the leading marketplace for business finance.

For partners

Deliver extra value to your customers with tailored business finance options

Generate new referral revenue streams

Seamless digital integration providing efficiency and scale

Reduce workload and increase productivity for employees

Co-branded journeys created for your customers

Take control of your financial future.

Through Funding Cloud we offer both businesses and lenders a better way to connect and take control of their future.Start your simple, fast business application process now.